Hungry? Learn How To Cook Your Australian Wagyu Beef!

Hungry? Learn How To Cook Your Australian Wagyu Beef!

Unlike other meats, Australian Wagyu beef should never be grilled. Pan searing maintains the delicious texture and flavor while avoiding the common flare ups which result from intense marbling. The heat that reaches that meat’s internal fat should always be indirect, which allows it to emulsify and transform. This provides the wonderful dining experience that Wagyu lovers adore!

Ideal Ingredients And Preparation

Wagyu should always be cooked rare or medium rare. The best ingredients to accompany it include kosher salt and black pepper that is freshly ground. The meat should be cooked in a cast iron skillet, one that is heavy. Thirty minutes before cooking, remove the steaks from the fridge and let them rest at room temperature. The meat should be trimmed to ensure it cooks evenly and maintains its flavor, so cut away any excess fat near the edges.

However, be careful not to trim fat within the meat. The internal fat is called marbling, and consists of fine streaks white in color that greatly influences the steak’s texture, tenderness and flavor. Next, lightly apply some pepper and salt. When it comes to Wagyu seasoning, less is actually more.


Heat up your skillet until it becomes searing hot. Searing will lock in the meat’s buttery juices, but should only be done for a short period of time. Place two steaks on the skillet and allow searing for two minutes on both sides. Be sure to check the internal temperature. If it shows 125 degrees, remove the steaks and allow them to rest for approximately five minutes beneath tented foil. If the temperature is less than 125 degrees, reduce the flame to medium and cook for another one to two minutes on both sides. Let the steaks rest then cut and serve them. Placing the meat in foil allows it to reabsorb the tasty juices so when served they go in the mouth rather than being left on the plate.

One of the trickiest parts of cooking Wagyu beef is knowing when it’s done. After the steaks have been left to rest for the appropriate time, it is recommended to apply a thermometer to determine the temperature. A skewer can also be used. Put the thermometer or skewer in the steak’s center, and keep it there for ten seconds, then remove and hold the tip. If it’s hot, this means the meat is done, but if cold this means it must be cooked longer.

Those who desire medium rare steaks will need to apply more searing. Place the steaks back inside your pan, and then sear each side on elevated heat for roughly thirty seconds. After this, remove the steaks and then let them rest again for three minutes. When serving Wagyu beef, you’ll want to add a side dish, but it should be something small such as a salad or wasabi. Some cooks also like to add soy sauce with white radish or a lemon.

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