Photo courtesy of our Australian beef supplier, Stanbroke Pastoral

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A Fully Integrated Protein Supplier

We have been there, spending 25 years at the mercy of third party grinders and portion cutters. That is why we built a 265,000 square foot SQF certified cold warehouse and further processing facility just 16 miles south of Philadelphia, in Swedesboro New Jersey. We understand how important it is to handle and customize perishable goods with care, and how quickly we need to react to a customer request or need. That is why at Thomas Foods International USA we not only service our end-user customers, but further manufacturer customers as well, producing products for your value add processing needs. And our control of the raw material throughout the supply chain, from the farms to packers right through to our doors, means quality and food safety is of the utmost priority.

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Photo courtesy of our Australian beef supplier, Stanbroke Pastoral

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Customized Grinding and Portion Cutting

With consumer wants and demands constantly changing, we understand one-size does not fit all. Our grinding, portion cutting and case ready facility is designed to process products to customized needs and brands, not only efficiently but to the highest standards of quality. From ground meats, to burgers, to set weight muscle cuts in a variety of packaging formats, contact us today to review our extensive product options just for further manufacturers.

Longer Shelf Life and Maximum Efficiency

We achieve some of the longest shelf life for our chilled ground and portion cut meat products, within the industry through not only the investments we have made in equipment and technology, but by implementing the highest food safety practices and standards. And through continual improvement reviews, our highly skilled butchers are consistently providing lower cost, maximum efficiency options for our manufacturing customers.