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Meat For Every Craving

Some folks come to the store to grab something quick to prepare for a busy family. Some seek out meat proteins with special attributes such as organic or grass-fed, so they feel good about what they are serving their family. And others want to peruse the meat case for something special to cook, no hurry involved. The way we see it, everyone should have delicious, high-quality meat to put on the table. Whether that table is in the rush of a busy ‘after homework, before bed’ type evening, or outside next to the grill entertaining friends or family.

Thomas Foods is proud to offer a wide variety of meats to suit many needs, no matter how specific.

Bespoke Meat

We’re innovators at heart. We love to try new things, to jump out ahead of trends, to start a few of our own. In that spirit, we’re constantly looking for ways to integrate new flavors, techniques and forms to satisfy the ever-evolving taste buds of your consumer.

To ensure you are meeting the needs of your customers, we offer case ready programs that can be customized to help you offer products to those ever-evolving consumer needs. Thanks to our fully integrated supply chain, we control the process of getting you what you need at the highest level of food safety and quality from paddock to plate.

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  • Thomas Farms Products

Our Team in the Field

Our sales team’s singular focus is making certain that you have exactly what you need to satisfy your customers. To that end, we don’t just want to sell you meat products; we want you to have exactly what you and your customers need.

One of the many benefits of having an integrated supply chain is that we can help to customize programs for your needs. Our team is committed to making certain that you have the best lamb, beef, veal, pork and game meat products in a format that not only what you want but your customers will want as well.

Contact our sales representatives now for more information.

Food Safety & Quality at Every Stage

At Thomas Foods, we go a step further to ensuring our products are of the highest quality and safety. Our products must pass the strictest, most stringent safety and hygiene standards set anywhere in the world.

Our quality assurance and food safety process is applied throughout the entire process – from the on-farm management and animal handling practices across our rancher network, receiving livestock at our supplying partners’ facilities, processing, shipping, receiving and also further processing.

At our USDA further processing facility in Swedesboro NJ, we are Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified which places that extra guarantee of being able to deliver you safe, fully traceable, quality meat products.

There is, simply put, no part of our process where we don’t hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards. Some call it going the extra mile. We call it business as usual.

Retail Quality At Every Stage
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Our Label or Yours?

We take a lot of pride in the Thomas Foods name. It means something to us, beyond just a label. It’s a way of doing things. A standard for better.

And we know that you feel the same way about your brand. You put your sweat into it literally and figuratively and we want to do whatever we can to make certain your name is synonymous with high standards.

Our private label program for our retail partners means you can offer, in your own name, the best meat products in the world to your valuable customers. To add value, to give them even more reasons to show you their loyalty.

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Value-Added, Chilled and Frozen Programs, Catering to Retailer Requests:

Premium chilled burger grinds and patties

Frozen burger patties and sliders

Exact-weight cut steaks

Cut steaks

Chops and other cuts

Cooked sous vide products

Seasoned meats

Cooked meatballs

Inclusion Burgers

Fresh Meatballs

Thomas Farms Brand:

Thomas Farms grass-fed beef

Thomas Farms free-range lamb

Thomas Farms organic lamb

Thomas Farms organic beef

Consumer Marketing Support

Our efforts to support you don’t end when we deliver our products to your door. We see our relationship as just that—a relationship.

One that’s supported. Because, the way we see it, making sure your chilled meat counter and freezer section are stocked with the best meat in the world is great, but making sure that meat gets to the customer, that’s really where the rubber meets the road. Or the meat meets the plate, as it were.

So, we support our products through social media, PR, TV, print, radio and retailer search tools to generate interest and traffic to your stores.

Contact our sales representatives now for more information.

Retail Consumer Marketing Support