How We
Got Here

It all started with an Aussie lost in California. Or not lost as much as searching.

In 1988, Greg Bourke—then a waiter, now our chairman—went on a little Golden State tour, evangelizing to restaurants and chefs alike the delectable joys of fresh Australian lamb. And things took off from there. Fresh Australian lamb can be persuasive that way.

Nearly 30 years later, born from that California walkabout, Thomas Foods International is feeding families globally. Distributing more than 100 million pounds of quality meat products a year. That’s a whole lot of deliciousness going to a whole lot of places.

Our Story

Quality at Every Turn

At Thomas Foods, we don’t take our collective eye off of the proverbial ball at any point in the process of getting our products to our customer. We know that prioritizing your success ensures our own. So, we demand excellence across our supply chain and throughout the process. We’re just sticklers for quality. Anything less than the absolute best just seems like a wasted effort.

So we figured, why not do it ourselves? Hence why we are a fully integrated supply chain, controlling our raw meat product materials from the farms, to our packers right through to the doors of our 265,000 square foot SQF certified cold warehouse and further processing facility located just south of Philadelphia. Food safety and product quality is and will always be our utmost priority.

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